Well, I tell you what, you’re probably going to laugh at me because this is old news to you but I must have missed the memo.

Twisty’s has been around forever and a day in the internet porn industry and they were in fact one of the first porn sites I ever checked out as a youngster. What I didn’t know or realise is that it’s not just a site, it’s in fact an entire porn network. Now were they always or did they evolve into that over time and I just happened to miss the transformation, or should i say development rather.

Even though I would not have known back then when I checked them out for the first time, how to check if they’re a network or just a site I have a feeling that they have actually grown into a network. Even though I missed that it just means that I have some really pleasant catching up to do because these guys are clearly at the very least as great as ever.

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