Currently, most of the so-called intelligent sex dolls are not really companion robots. In the near future, full body size sex dolls will be as warm as real people, talking, moving and reacting, they will not only have a perfect body that is difficult to have in real life, but also have similar intelligence as real people, such as huge butt sex doll, slim waist wide butt sex doll.

Appearance: Future companion robots will definitely be more human-like, whether huge boobs sex doll, Asian sex doll. They are very similar to humans.

Conversation: Some factories have now developed robots with pre-recorded voices, but these voices often do not satisfy us. The future partner will search from a large database to make different forms of dialogue that can be communicated with it, which is definitely a good thing for those who are lonely and want to talk.

Safety: In terms of safety, in fact, the current realistic TPE silicone sex dolls are already very secure, as long as attention to maintenance, care, use and other precautions are well understood, safety can be guaranteed. But the future of the companion robot may be more concerned about the material, the materials used do not easily breed bacteria.

Price: Companion robots are definitely expensive at first, but will be cheaper when the technology matures.

Care: Easier to care for, and it may be able to clean itself. Some people think that sex dolls are difficult to clean and maintain. In fact, cleaning sex dolls is easy not a complicated job, as long as you know about it.

Weight: The current sex dolls still have the problem of being too heavy, although there are also very light 140cm sex doll, but it still causes great inconvenience to some people. The future companion robot should be able to walk according to the owner’s instructions, so that there is no problem of excessive weight.

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